Why Doesn’t God Want to See the Top of My Head?

I could never picture God sitting back in his throne saying, “Hey ladies. Keep that hair covered when you come into my house. Or else.” Nor could I picture God saying, as an aside, “Hey guys. We can do whatever we want with our hair. Am I right!? Long or short. Bearded or not. Just don’t hide it under a hat!” As a young Catholic girl, these rules never made sense to me. 

Each religion has a unique set of beliefs that are expressed through principles, paths, commandments, pillars, etc. These are then translated into day-to-day guidelines to help people put their faith into action in their everyday lives. A lot of societal norms make it into these recommendations so it is no surprise to find that ‘vive la difference’ is expressed in dress codes too. 

Attention is also paid to the ceremonial power of attire. Celebrants often have special robes with symbolic colors or designs adding a dose of pageantry to holidays and traditions. And hats. Very special hats.

The fashion of faith matters as a highly visible way of declaring membership and belief. People who fail to comply may warrant whispers about fealty. So I have learned that it isn’t God sorting out who can wear what …. these definitions come from keepers of the faith working to keep their community strong.

Here are a few deep dives into faith-based fashion.  

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