Why Did I Cry for John Lewis?

Was it sadness? I don’t think so. Emotion overwhelmed me when the story was the sweetest. His consistent displays of kindness. Encouraging his staff to say complex or painful things simply. The way he used his time and his body with a long view in mind. I was reminded how much moments matter. People can have long life stories, but it will be the small interactions that live on in others.

We all live multifaceted lives, playing multiple roles. Parent. Teacher. Believer. Sibling. Athlete. Civil rights leader. Switching hats comes naturally as we step into each role. When a person dies, each world is undone. Friend? Gone. Mentor? Gone. Dad? Each speaker helped us see what a moment with John Lewis could do. 

And there you have it. Another funeral well done. We all leave reminded that our moments matter and that our lives matter. Instead of leaving broken, we leave resolved to show more kindness. To be more discerning in our daily choices.

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