We see each other differently through twinkling lights.

We see each other differently through twinkling lights.

I admit it. I think I am actually a little nicer during the holiday season. I’d like to believe I’m nice every other day or, at least, most days, but there is something that comes over me. Like that movie camera filter used when filming aging movie stars. Through those flickering lights we can see the tender hearts behind all the facades we put up the rest of the year. This season masterfully and relentlessly touches us. Come! Join us. Let’s sing – and remember – and care about one another. Let’s appreciate that we’ve been through the darkest days of the year together and light is coming. A new day. A new beginning. A glorious communion with one another.

We dress up. Even our homes get dressed up. Stories of long ago – of our faith and our families – are told and retold. We light candles – lots of candles. And we bake for one another. Traditions, even the silliest little ones, connect us to family and friends and generations before us. The arts doing what they do best. Santa is a lesson in generosity – and being good. Candles, like stars in our midst, are about hope, resilience and enlightenment. Music, especially when shared, softens hearts.

Holidays. Cultural master plans. Here’s to the Ho Ho Ho and the twinkling lights in your lives. And here’s to you. I wish you a season filled with new hugs and old connections.

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