The Wonderful Tyranny of the Diner Jukebox

It’s a little like dropping into the driver’s seat of a race car when you slide into the booth. The table-top jukebox is your dashboard. Your trip awaits. As you flip through, each title conjures up the song in your mind. And then the next, and the next. Like passing exits on the highway – roads not taken.

Til you get to the end – and you turn around and filter again, this time keeping in mind that the rest of the diners may judge you for the choices you make. So you and your friend go for something … fun.

I don’t participate in the do-it-yourself soundscape of diners much anymore. I frequent – uhhh – pricier more precious places where every element of the experiences is carefully managed. No “Hound Dog.” No “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay.” Something – uhhh – perhaps unrecognizeable – but perfect with a glass of red wine.

But when I hit the road again, I will have 25c ready to go. Probably something by The Temptations. And you?

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