The Tiara is Locked in the Cupboard

Oh how we all imagine what life would be like if only …. If only we were royalty. You know, the top of that class pyramid! The lap of luxury. Every need met. 

I promise not to get into the “the grass is always greener – thing” – except … 

If we are lucky, we all experience true belonging. It happens in families. In neighborhoods. In our faith groups. In our book clubs. Every group has its rituals to keep us connected. Lots of little celebrations where we feel a part of something bigger – where we celebrate what we have in common. Dancing at a friend’s wedding. Bringing the wine to a birthday dinner. Saying a prayer together.  All transcendent. We love our groups and they love us back.

We see and appreciate that there are different groups with different ways. Other groups aren’t better – just different. Except, too often we look at wealth and class cultures above our own and we imagine that our great life could be greater if only …

In How do we show belonging? Status & Class, I explore the dynamics of class and how exclusivity can become a goal in itself. And it can come with a cost. It doesn’t often endear you to others. “Oh, he is so spoiled.” “Such a snob.” You may find yourself dining alone in the cafeteria – if you actually ever had to dine in a cafeteria.

The article below, from The Daily Beast, gives a behind the scenes look. Maybe not having tiaras in the cupboard is a good thing. Cheers.

The Queen Put Prince Harry ‘Firmly in His Place’ Over Meghan Markle’s Wedding Day Tiara (If you have trouble linking, copying & pasting the title into google will get you to it.)

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