The Oscar for Best Script Goes To … Little White Lies

Where would we all be if we felt permission – or even obliged – to publish every thought we have! Civilizations (root word ‘civil’) have thrived because we are raised to recognize the value of protocol and principles that reduce unnecessary conflict and encourage cooperation.

Etiquette is a star player in this effort – learning how to greet, dine and interact in ways that show mutual respect. Thank you notes for items you never use recognize the thought and effort of the giver. One would never say, “I hated that garish sweater.” No, we find ways to take that higher road.

We all live our imperfect lives – clothes that don’t fit perfectly, hair that isn’t cooperating, not finding the exact words we want in a discussion. We know it and feel it and carry it and still muster up the courage to keep our eyes on more important matters.

All those little words of acknowledgement and respect are like fuel that powers cooperation. We feel safe together. We feel appreciated.

So if I ask you, “Does this dress make me look fat?” your answer is …….?

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