The Joy and Power of Ballpark Rituals

Oh, how we have missed the baseball experience! In some ways we are all a bit undone alone. We are like puzzle pieces aching to connect – to be part of that bigger picture. Group rituals are a vital part of being human. Not only are we capable of melting into a group, our biology is built to align and participate. This skill (need?) is why humans have thrived. Just like cells work together to form organs and our organs work together to form – a human. Humans work together to create a culture. Cultures give us all power, joy, safety.

Cheering and singing together – experiencing the thrills of wins together – might be seen as a cultural climax. Yes – I went there – because it is true. There is a kind of unparalleled ebullience that you just can’t get alone. Time for a cigarette?

With that teaser, I suggest you read, The sense and nonsense of ballpark traditions: From sausage races to ‘Sweet Caroline’

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