The Grim Reaper! Skeletons! Halloween is Such Fun! Fun! Fun!

It’s not an easy holiday to understand. A season when we turn our worlds upside down. When we dig into our greatest fears and put them right in our kids’ faces. Boo! 

Communities have always come together to consider the big questions – questions about survival and purpose. Acknowledgement of the big cycles – longest days and shortest days – when to plant and when to harvest. How to protect the community and prepare for the future. 

One of the most devastating realizations we humans have to face is when we learn that we will one day die. Kaput. Every other fear pales in comparison. So – how do we compartmentalize that reality so we can thoroughly enjoy the time we have? Ahhhh. We have a way.

Let’s just show our kids that all that scary stuff – well – it’s really not all that scary. Bring it on, you witches! Hey, spiders and worms and rolling eyeballs, you make me laugh!! Well, even ghouls and goblins are looking silly too. Ta da!! Whatever was dark and oozy and below ground is now above ground and at our doorsteps and in our homes. As a matter of fact – it has become cute. Cute little goblins. Dogs dressed as bats. Jack-o-lanterns with menacing smiles.

And kids love it. Those of us in the adult community eagerly collude to make it fun. Cobwebs and spooky lights on a house tells the community, “Hey. I get it. We’re all in this effort together.”

So, do your part. Act scared – and scary. The world will be a better place.

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