The arts as weapons of war – and peace.

The arts as weapons of war – and peace.

54 years ago today the National Guard killed four Kent State students and wounded nine as they protested the Vietnam War.

I was in college 1966 – 1970. Protests against the war, against racism and for women’s rights – well, the culture war was raging. Yes, we marched. Bull horns were never far away. John Lennon’s “All we are saying … is give peace a chance,” along with songs by Judy Collins, Peter, Paul & Mary, Joan Biaz – Bob Dylan – became the soundtracks for our lives.

The theater of protests – the choreography of marches, symbolism, language, placards and pins, images – and music – were all used to say to the world, “Hey! This is important. Pay attention, please.’ 

Now a new generation is asking for our attention ….. 

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