At the heart of every culture you will find stories about your group. The challenges it has faced – and survived. The gifts it brings to the world. Stories about heroes who model core group values. These tales are told from one generation to another, in books and in movies. Characters from these stories are often referenced and discussed to find relevance today.

Minority groups have a bigger hill to climb, since bookshelves and airwaves tend to carry stories the majority wants to hear. As a country, if a core value of the U.S. is its diversity and opportunity, it could flood the market with heroes and stories that honor those values. Representation that reflects all groups in heroic roles serves everyone well.But, even in a diverse world, children benefit from an abundance of stories (and images) in their homes about their group – on their bookshelves, coffee tables and watch lists. This supports a proud sense of belonging that can help them as they enter the wider wilder world.

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