School Uniforms – When is Conformity Good?

Best intentions can often yield complicated results. 

School uniforms have long been used to build a sense of cohesion and pride – daily reminders of history and social expectations. But, most frequently the goal of uniforms, or even dress codes, is to create a level playing field that reduces the impact of socioeconomic differences. The theory is, unable to see evidence of social status, bullies will be less able to spot, ridicule and torment kids from disadvantaged homes. Uniforms can quiet the environment and make it easier to focus on schoolwork.

Opponents say school uniforms infringe upon students’ rights to express their individuality and that they have no positive effect on behavior and academic achievement. 

We all have to stack our core values every day. Fairness and equality? Yes! Expressing individuality? Yes!  Often we are asked to prioritize. Of course proponents of uniforms value individuality – but at what cost? 

Check out this article that explores the intention and efficacy of some school uniform programs. 

Does wearing a school uniform improve student behavior?

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