Rituals & Ceremonies

Rituals and ceremonies bring generations together and are seen as vital to living a good, connected community life. These events are the heartbeat of groups – coming together intermittently to celebrate what is important. Time to bring out the African fabrics, or the lederhosen – or …. 

Marriages – Each culture builds layers of symbolism into wedding processes and ceremonies – symbolism that reinforces cultural history and values. Communities gather to celebrate the promise of another generation. Happy couples ensure long-term survival of the culture. Handfasting. Jumping the broom. Breaking of the glass. Just a few of the deeply significant – and ubiquitous – cultural traditions. Details matter to us.

Birthdays are celebrated in groups so the individuals can feel community connection and support. There is nothing quite so special as the warm attention of your group celebrating you on your birthday. These traditions are important to community members too – sharing music and moments make us all happier – and healthier.

Sometimes the rituals associated with ethnicities relate to a country’s geography and physical environment as much as to their culture or language. All traffic stops when the sheep march through the town. Harvests – whether for food or wine – bring neighbors together. These cycles and events put us all into the space and time continuum. We know where we are.

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