Power of Stories

Power of Stories

“How did we get here? How can I stay safe? Why was that person mean to me?” Have a seat, my friend, and I will tell you a story. It will explain everything.

Humans are blessed with an evolutionary advantage; we can transmit deep concepts and complex information to one another remotely and over time. Lessons learned over generations are passed down. How to hunt. When to plant. How to protect ourselves from those people on the other side of the mountain. Where to buy the best cappuccino.

We learn about the consequences of personal ambition or jealousy or vanity. From the beginning, humans were curious about the big questions. And we were especially curious about one another—about human nature.

In “Down a Peg: A Book About Art & Culture That Isn’t Stuffy, Highbrow, Reverential or Elitist”, I explore how the stories we hear as children weave themselves into our identity.

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