Overall Movement & Demeanor

People automatically mirror or mimic those around them and, particularly, those whom they admire. So it is natural that kids grow to walk and move like their parents. At some point in our lives, we choose how to move so as to reflect the group with which we most identify.

You know it’s true. Watch a group of individuals and you can likely identify those who hail from the upper or lower classes just by the way they move around the room. At any game of charades, if someone had to identify royalty or upper class – the head is held a little higher (or a lot higher) the gaze is down, the strides are confident. The look is dignified – and gracious. Switch roles and you start seeing chins down. Perhaps alert to the environment, signaling informality. Overstated, perhaps. And definitely not universal, but there is a kernel of truth in it.

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