Music Takes Us Primal

Our favorite musical group is coming to town. We post our tickets on the refrigerator – a daily boost of anticipation. Of course, we plan everything so we can be there early – and ready. This is important – vital, even. We know it’s not just about the music – or the brush with celebrities. We love this band or performer for a reason. They have spoken for us – and to us. Or pulled us through.

The lights go down. The audience is like a jumpy racehorse at the gate. We can feel the energy. Then the first chords – those familiar meaningful chords – blast through us at full volume reaching not only our ears but rattling inside our chests. Like lightening reaching everyone in the audience at the same time.

At this point – and throughout the concert – we become one. We move – together. We cheer – together. We can no longer hear our own voices because we are part of a bigger whole. Our heart beats and our breathing aligns. The parts of our brains controlling empathy – light up. We scream – from the deepest parts of our lonely souls – because we can. Because we feel those deep deep feelings. We feel that human condition – together.

Stomp – stomp – clap! Stomp – stomp – clap! Stomp – stomp – clap!

I liken a good screaming concert to a shiatsu massage – releasing all those toxins. We leave feeling a little bruised – but looser. Lighter.

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