Music Now Available in the Vitamin Aisle

Feeling tired? Achey? Can’t remember where you parked the car? Vitamins and supplements to the rescue. Feeling stiff? Sore? Massages to the rescue. Feeling anxious? Lonely? Sad? Music to the rescue. 

Here are a few testimonials: Music …. 

  • Takes me away
  • Comforts me
  • Gives me resolve to hang in there
  • Helps me cry
  • Gives me a sense of wonder
  • Boosts my energy
  • Reminds me of family
  • Makes me feel less alone because I see others feel the same way
  • Connects me to a bigger picture
  • Fills me with empathy for all the people in the world
  • Makes me move
  • Helps me pray and feel gratitude
  • Relaxes me and helps me sleep

What does music do for you? My current playlist is an eclectic mix of genres from classical to country to Broadway. By the end of a half-hour walk I have been through the equivalent of an emotional tour – and emotional work out.

What does music do for you?

What if we treated music as an essential part of our daily lives? We can adjust what we listen to in response to what is going on in our lives. What music is in your medicine cabinet? 

Here are some ideas on how to have a conversation with your child about music and feelings:  Sometimes songs can help you feel what you want to feel.

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