Let’s Put Biology and Brain Science Into Art Education

What if our children learned more about how music carries memories and emotions? Or how moving or singing in unison can expand our sense of self? Or how each culture gives us hundreds of mini-scripts to act out each day as ways to express respect – and identity – and to keep peace? Or how we are capable of, with just a hint of color, or a tiny pattern of beads, communicating our commitment to our heritage or our faith or our favorite team?

What if kids could understand how music in movies hooks their own personal emotions? That the music brings their bodies into the story? What if they could recognize how they experience empathy just by reading words on a page? They aren’t thinking about empathy; they are feeling it. What if they recognized how dressing up for special occasions is a way to say: I know this is important.

Our bodies are wired to understand and express our world in stories. In metaphors. In rhythms. In patterns – and exceptions.

Art is both personal and universal. My dream? Perhaps it would be for kids to learn the Hora and then be asked to describe what they felt while they did it? Or to think about why people dance together to celebrate? Or perhaps they could learn the rituals of greetings and good-by’s and be asked to explore how they would feel if those gestures didn’t happen.

You know. Make it personal. And empowering.

Here’s a sweet video of people moving together. Makes me all verklempt.

SONATA Circle Dance with Choreographer Ira Weisburd 

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