King Tut Would Be Like Any Other 9-Year Old Without That Story in His Pocket

Photo: The Independent

Sometimes we forget how powerful stories can be – not just in our personal lives – but in world-changing ways. For millennia communities have used stories to band together. To overcome crises. To thrive. Each faith has an origin story that helps believers focus and find strength. World leaders have stories that persuade people that the best way to thrive is to buy into their world view – and to trust in their ability to lead.

Over 3500 years ago, young King Tut came to power – and held that power – with a story. Like the Pharaohs before him, and hundreds of kings and queens after him, people were told that God meant for him to be king. Artists created images, myths and symbols that brought the story to life. And with that story came great power.

Although the stories have changed, the power they have is still evident today.

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