A toast to the artists in our lives …

To all the writers and storytellers, the songwriters and singers, to the painters and designers, to the boy bands and girl bands, to the full orchestras and solo guitarists.

To the actors and directors, to those who create those new dance moves that get us up and out of our chairs. To the choir directors and keepers of sacred rituals.

To the chefs, bartenders and home cooks. To those who work magic with scissors to make our hair tell the world about how we see ourselves. To those who create irresistible movies that take us into explorations of our own lives.

You bring us together. You help us all grow and heal.

You help us fill in those gaps in our hearts left by imperfect childhoods and those hurts from yesterday.

You bring joy and tenderness, insights and curiosity, balance and rhythms. You give us reasons to connect with others who are finding their way…

You invite us to the dance.

I am in awe. I want to salute you for your courage to go deep. To get personal. To take risks. To master your disciplines. To listen. To bare your souls so those of us who need a hand can still find our way.

Cheers & Thanks,
A Humble Fan


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  1. Virginia Hilton says:

    We’ll drink to that! Our artists make life worth living–even in these difficult days.
    Thank you so much for acknowledging them! And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

    1. SusanAdam says:

      Thanks, Virginia!!! The tribute was heartfelt. I was a puddle of weapiness as I wrote it.