I Dressed Up for a Zoom Call with my Doctor… Because I Wanted to be Taken Seriously.

I even put on a little make up. Ah, fashion in real life. Of course I know that everyone – doctors included – can ignore the visuals. Perhaps it’s more a statement about my own understanding of how the world works. I wanted the doctor to see me as vital – someone to be reckoned with. That I am an active participant in this joint effort.

I’m definitely not a fashion maven, but even I ‘read’ disheveled as – as – hmmm – not caring? As someone not investing in life? Am I wrong? Would it affect how much effort I put into the relationship? It might.

We tend to think of fashion, all the arts really, as expressions of creativity. We celebrate designers and style. But the truth is that it is also our shell – our outside – that helps us navigate more safely – or successfully. It is an expression of how we want the world to see us.

A quick turn of the tables. What if you found yourself at a social event in clothes that came from the rag pile. You sense everyone’s condescension immediately. How would you feel or engage differently? How could you overcome this DISASTER?

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