How Theater and Rituals Show Up in Our Daily Lives …

Acting is not pretending. We act our age. We act like a manager, or a waiter, or a diva. We actively choose how we behave in our lives. These choices are honest expressions of the real us. I may be cranky on the inside, but when I am with a troubled friend, I put that aside because I know what the moment – and my friend – needs. I use the words I have learned. The tone of voice I have practiced.

Becoming the adult version of ourselves takes years of observation, scripts, practice and feedback. Generations before us provide guidance. The choreography of introductions. The rituals of grieving. What you can say about a friend’s child – and what you can’t say. All in the name of keeping us woven into a safe community. We don’t have to start from scratch each time. We follow the scripts and all is well. “Thank you!” “You’re welcome.” “Gesundheit.” “Have a nice day.” “Keep the change.” “How about dem Mets?” …

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