High End Musical Genres

We all have the potential to enjoy any musical genre. We begin at home and broaden our portfolios from there. Nearly endless possibilities.

Historically, musicians (all artists) have been supported by nobility and royalty. There was appreciation that an artist needed relief from the daily grind to develop mastery and to create masterworks. Courtly music became more and more refined – offering works on a grand scale requiring scores of artists and production support. At the same time the rest of the world was working the fields, the barns and the smithy shops.

Orchestral, chamber music, ballet and opera all have their roots among the privileged classes. The relationship continues. Attend a performance and you will see tuxedos and gowns, expensive jewelry – and champagne.

The cost of entry into this musical world is still quite high. It requires a considerable investment in time to understand (to appreciate) the genres. And the cost to attend (ticket price and attire) is out of range for many. Patrons who do attend find lots of evidence of upper-class support – from seeing their names on buildings to listings in playbills.

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