Hard-toed Shoes, Hair Nets, Safety Glasses & Face Masks?

As they say on Sesame Street, “Three of these things belong together. Three of these things are kind of the same. One of these things just doesn’t belong here. And now it’s time to play our game.”

The Iowa House Speaker has declared that he cannot require face masks, yet he has no problem with a ban on wearing denim.

Every organization sets standards (recommended or required) that support the group’s values. Food workers are required to wear hair nets because they value customer safety – and, let’s be real – they value fiscal responsibility. One little lawsuit and all can be lost – so – even though people (justifiably) complain that the ‘look’ isn’t great, at the end of the day – they wear the mask – or they leave.

Violating dress codes in companies may not get your fired immediately – but consequences for breaking them will come at a cost. Showing up at a conference in flip-flops may be the last contact you have with the senior team because you have just shown them a level of disrespect. They value professionalism.

Want to eat at a restaurant but you aren’t wearing shoes? Good luck. Restaurants and regulators have made it clear that bare feet are unsanitary – and the business’ brand values safety and respectability. So – no shoes – no lunch.

But masks? With all the evidence of the role they can play in reducing transmission of Covid-19, there is still wide-spread resistance. However, the story is the same. Each organization is choosing to operate in ways that support their values.

Safety? No. Concern for others? No. What values do you think they are honoring?

Iowa’s House speaker said he can’t make lawmakers wear masks — but he did enforce a ban on jeans

Sesame Street, “3 of these things”

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