Write Movie Reviews

These conversation ideas can help your child appreciate some of the criteria for good storytelling – videos, TV shows, movies.

CRITERIA – When you are watching a movie or show to together, come up with a list of criteria for why you are enjoying or not enjoying it. What makes a show worth watching? Keep a list for a few days – jotting down when you find yourselves liking certain parts or certain characters.

  • Create the list. Discuss, as a family, the relative importance of each. Pick the top 5? Once you have your rating categories – discuss as a family how to rate each category. 0 – 10 stars? 1 – 5 thumbs up? Once you have your list, leave a space for comments on the bottom. Print up a stack and have them ready for when you watch things together (or even separately).
  • Do you want to create a family rating – averaging the scores?
  • Create an online movie / TV show ratings library – where friends and family can look them up – to see the ratings and the individual comments?