Echo Echo

These ideas can help younger children become more ‘attuned’ to their sound environment. Like waking up their senses.

Together with your child, notice, repeat and manipulate sounds they hear every day. Depending on their age, you can introduce new challenges. “Can you make that sound – louder? Softer?”

What if we made that sound instead of saying the word, “‘please?” Or if we had to use the sound between other words?

Sounds can include silverware on the counter, clap, bang, bells, whoosh – whatever you notice.

  • Silverware on the counter – vs silverware on the table vs silverware on a plate
  • The sound of your phone
  • Car horns
  • Water going down the drain
  • When the microwave is done
  • Sirens
  • The different sound of a footstep on gravel or grass or wood?
  • Toast popping when it is done.
  • Birds? Bees? This little piggy?
  • Let’s use that sound in a song?
  • Let’s replace lamb with a horn sound. “Mary had a little honk, little honk, …”
  • The ‘buzz” go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah.