Script: A bossy friend?

These discussion points explore peer pressure.  You may want to role play a few situations so they can feel more prepared if the situation arises.

  • Consider role playing. Imagine an uncomfortable situation where someone is criticizing someone for how they look. Make a list of all the things you could say or do if that happens. Which response do you think is the best one?
  • Are there some kids in your school who seem to decide what is cool, or who is popular? Do they make fun of kids who don’t follow their lead?
  • Has anyone ever made fun of one of your friends? How did it make you feel? What did you say or do? Can you act out what they said? 
  • Do you ever worry before you go to school about how people will react to what you are wearing or about your hair?
  • If someone were to be pressured to leave some old friends behind in order to stay in a group, what do you think they should do? What could they say to be true to themselves? Act it out.
  • Share stories from your childhood. Tell them when you felt fearful or embarrassed or were teased? Act it out.