What You Wear On Your Head Can Be Your Introduction

These discussion ideas can help your young child appreciate how many important things people communicate just with what they wear on their heads.

  • Begin by noticing – fire helmets, construction worker helmets. Why do you think they wear those kinds of hats? What if they wore scarves instead?
  • Law enforcement – Why do you think it’s important for all members of the police force to wear the same kinds of hats. What information do you think it on those hats?
  • Faith – can you find any examples of people who are expressing their faith with what they are wearing on their heads?
  • Cowboy hats. Do you think they have a function other than making a statement about a way of life?
  • Sports – each sport has its own kind of hats. No one would wear a swim cap to the golf course.
  • Some people wear their baseball caps backwards. Why do you think they do that?
  • Bunny ears and reindeer antlers? Wizard hat?