What if there was a uniform for life … like on Star Trek?

This conversation with your child can help them explore and appreciate the drivers of fashion choices, including utility, expression of beliefs, modesty, fun, etc. After watching a cartoon or show about life in outer space, with just a few questions you can leverage the moment for some serious lessons about the role of fashion in communities.

Let’s think about the people who made this movie. They had to decide what the characters would be wearing. Why do you think they decided to go with what you see here? What reasons?

What if you could design a perfect uniform for everyone in your school? How would you decide? What would you need to consider?

Would student uniforms be different from teachers and staff? Why/why not?

Can you think of some advantages of doing that? Disadvantages?

What if you could design uniforms for where your parents work? What would you need to consider?

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