Script: Thoughts and Prayers?

Consoling a friend can feel overwhelming for kids. “I just don’t know what to say.” Learning a script or two, or acting them out, can help them through that first contact, connecting them again with their friend. Discuss/practice a few phrases.

  • I’m so sorry to hear that your (  ) has died.
  • I will miss your (  ) too; I liked him/her.
  • Talk about sitting close and being quiet with them. Being quiet together can be just what your friend needs. It may be hard for them to talk about it at first.
  • If your friend cries, you can reach out to put your arm on their back – to stand with them. Or just hold their hand.  Or just say again how sorry you are.
  • Help your child appreciate that their friend may want to talk about other things. Sometimes doing something quiet together can make the day easier. Let your friend take the lead.
  • Act it out with them, showing how it can look and sound. Look into their eyes. Ask if they have any other ideas
  • Talk a bit about funerals. What they should expect. Help them appreciate that the sadness will get better over time and there will just be more remembering