The Senior Thespian – You!

Role playing is an important way children learn about themselves and others. By assuming roles of kings and queens, teachers and presidents, they get to experience situations they might never come across in real life. By taking the lead, by shape-shifting unexpectedly, you can bring crowds of new acquaintances into their lives. By responding and eventually initiating in character, your child builds confidence and empathy. And it is all so much fun.

  • Become a haughty queen as you serve lunch. Insist on silly rituals in order to be allowed to eat.
  • A king who doesn’t recognize most of his utensils.
  • A cowboy who reads nighttime stories.
  • A French painter who is fussy about setting the table.
  • A newscaster reporting on what the child is doing.
  • An astronaut floating around.
  • Someone who just doesn’t want to be seen.
  • Encourage them to pretend their own characters – or join you in your imaginary world.