The Power of Flags

This conversation can help your child appreciate the significance and somewhat sacred nature of flags.

Every country. And state. And most schools. And every branch of the military. And faith. And …. (the list goes on.) has developed its own flag. A banner that represents the group and its values. They are each unique. Groups spend a lot of time and care in its design – because it matters to them.

Flags are an important part of celebrations and rituals for each group – helping them rally and feel proud and strong. They want the world to know who they are and what they stand for.

Because they represent the groups and their beliefs, they are treated with great respect. In some ways it seems like being disrespectful to the flag is like being disrespectful to the group and its beliefs.

Explore the rules and guidelines around treatment of the American flag. Do you think a person should get in trouble for intentionally damaging a flag?

Is it still a flag if it’s on a shirt? What is the difference?

After the discussion, get points for noticing flags – either flying – or on license plates or window displays etc. Discuss why they used the flags that way.