The Person They See

Help your child notice and begin to understand how people accent or change their looks to send messages about who they are – or the role they are playing.

  • Have they noticed how their parents get ready for work in the morning – grooming, hairstyles or make-up? Why do you think they pay attention to those details?
  • Explain some of your choices. How do you feel differently when you go out prepared and ‘professional’ vs right out of bed.
  • Occasionally notice someone’s ‘look’ – ask your child what they noticed. Discuss what messages the person may be trying to send.
  • Have a fun ‘playing with your looks’ day. Stand in front of a mirror and do crazy things with your hair. Wear caps in a variety of ways.
  • Find a picture of a person in ‘street’ clothes and then in a uniform. Discuss what is different for that person in each picture.

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