The “I Like You!” Dance

The lesson is obvious – and fun. Lots of animals – and people too – just naturally dance to win attention and show love and other feelings.

  • Share these two videos.  This bird is working very very hard to win attention. Even uses full costume. When birds are already in love, they love to dance together.
  • Birds work very hard doing all sorts of fancy dances to win other birds’ hearts. Why do you think dancing impresses other birds?
  • People, too, can show lots of emotions when they dance.
  • Many of these movements happen naturally. When we are happy, our bodies can feel light. Skipping can feel like the right thing to do just because your body is happy. What else might your body want to do when you feel happy?
  • When we are scared, we just naturally pull away and curl up to protect ourselves. We close ourselves. Any other ideas on ways our bodies show that we are scared?
  • Have you ever heard the phrase ‘stomping mad?’ Sometimes when we are angry we just naturally want to stomp around. Stomp! Stomp! Why do you think stomping feels so right?
  • Our whole bodies feel the feelings and express those feelings.