Sports Language

These activities can help your child explore the unique demands of storytelling (journalism?) with a sports focus. A genre with its own language and pace. (I have to admit I only understand one word in three when sportscasters do their ‘thing.’) And – it might actually be fun.

  • Consider a slow build – over time. Perhaps begin a habit of posting articles on your fridge about your favorite team. Or, when you are watching a game, notice the language and pace. Commit to ‘covering’ your next meal using the same approach.
  • Next meal – while cooking – introduce team members with all the energy and hype you heard on TV. “Person #1 is coming up the backfield now – has to find their way to the water pitcher without getting tackled. He’s safe!!!!” You get the idea – try to make even the most benign activities sound fantastic.
  • And the handoff – the pass – the clean up team runs onto the field ….. overcoming the hamstring injury …
  • During a family game of corn hole – provide commentary.
  • After a big family event – like a barbecue – ask your child to take notes and then write an article about one of the games – horseshoes – or a game of rummy. Later send it to all in attendance.
  • Consider recording a video of your child reporting as a sportscaster. Microphone-in-hand required – for the interviews. Winded, you can talk about your strategy saving those three eights to finally win the rummy game.