Social Dancing for Toddlers

Social dancing can be a real challenge for our kids. I know this because it is a real challenge for me and everyone else I know. The purpose of these conversation ideas is to explore the social and emotional aspects of dancing.

  • Begin when they are young. At weddings and parties, model the ease and fun of enjoying music together. Help your child see that social dancing is less about performance and more about joining in the celebration with friends and relatives.
  • Carry your young child to the dance floor and move around with them. Look them in the eye and smile. Move over to other dancers and mirror their moves (if you can). Enjoy the people you see, moving around in a fun way, but, most importantly, make personal connections – eye contact. Your child will automatically experience the sense of real connection when you move in harmony with others.
  • “Let’s see if we can do what ___ is doing?”
  • When they are ready to dance beside you, repeat the process. Look in your child’s eyes as you move together in happy or silly ways. Walk with them to join others.
  • Take turns trying some silly steps. Or following what other dancers are doing. The purpose is to relax and enjoy moving together. Appreciating one another.
  • Lead your child to invite others, especially relatives who are sitting this one out. It’s almost impossible to say no to a child.