Slang Lang

These discussion ideas can help your child appreciate that language can evolve specifically to show belonging.

  • One of the first signs of impending adolescence is the desire to put space between them and their parents’ generation. What better way than to be able to carry on a conversation – right in front of them – that they can’t quite understand?!
  • As a parent, the challenge is show support and stay abreast while keeping some distance. Trying too hard to communicate in their vernacular can appear (to them) to be a bit of cultural appropriation.
  • When you hear a new term, ask if they could help you understand what it means. Try using it in a sentence but be ready to endure a bit of teasing. Having you not quite ‘get it’ is the outcome they want. It is their language.
  • Have some fun sharing some of the terms that have come into and out of favor as you grew up. Groovy!