Language without Sound

Human beings thrived because of our ability to connect with one another. These easy activities can expand your child’s experience of focussed connection – focussed listening. By using our eyes alone we can share content and feelings.

  • You can start to explore sign language by asking if they know how to say certain words without their voices. Of course they know ‘hello’ and ‘good-by’. ‘Yes’ and ‘no.’
  • Ask them if they know what a wink means? Applause? “I smell something I don’t like.’ When someone rolls their eyes – what do you think they are saying?
  • Learn a few of the basic signs together – ubiquitous basics like ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ ‘Yes’ and ‘no.’ ‘I agree’ or not. ‘Good night.’ ‘I love you.’
  • Get in the habit of partnering the signs when you use the words. Eventually, dropping away the words altogether.
  • Have a sign language chart posted near the kitchen. Occasionally interrupt what you are saying, run to the chart, then return and use the sign in combination with the word. This shouldn’t feel like a lesson – but should be more of a thread you incorporate creatively.
  • It gets fun when you see them across a room, and you can secretly communicate a message or two. Connection complete.