Show ‘Em What You Got

The lesson? Dancing can be fun – and it feels good. Much of the learning will come from seeing you model in-the-moment fancy footwork.

  • Standing at the stove stirring? Pick up a rhythm with your hips and feet and enhance it as you continue to stir. Using care not to burn yourself, the spoon could be a microphone for a second or two.
  • When you are setting the table or putting things away, do a pirouette or two. Show some style. End with a dramatic bow.
  • Begin a follow-the-leader routine as they follow you to the kitchen or the car. You do a step variation – and they follow. On your way back, they get to lead and you follow.
  • When you both have your feet on the floor, tap out a short rhythm. See if they can copy it with just one listen. Or two. Make it easy at first. Of course they get to then tap out their own and you must try to repeat it.
  • Plan a tapping code. A secret rhythm that says “I love you.” or “I’m getting bored.” Only family members will know what it means.
  • When you are expecting a friend or family member to come to your front door, plan a quick spin and welcoming bow as you open the door. Be fearless. You might give that person a heads-up so they can enter with a little flair too.