Run On, Sentence!

The purpose of this activity is to have some fun with your older children exploring the concept of a full sentence or a complete thought. Obviously this should be handled with a light touch – but – if you can make it work, the lesson is a good one.

  • When you notice a rambling or incoherent sentence from a magazine, newspaper or tweet, laugh, share it out loud and see if your child can help you figure out what it means.
  • Get out a piece of paper and try to re-write it. Go a little crazy with the post-its – that’s part of the fun. Post both versions on your fridge.
  • Suggest that the two/three of you can be known as the Sentence Doctors.
  • Create a space/way to collect examples.
  • One night a week, at dinner, take turns reading the examples and have fun trying to re-create their original intention.
  • Post on fridge or bulletin board – before and after.