Rise Up!

Help your child appreciate how, when times are tough, music can be a powerful way of pulling together and supporting one another – while sharing intentions with the whole world. You can begin by sharing the video in this article about a choir in Baltimore. This was only their second practice!

  • What do you think the kids in this video are feeling when they perform this song? And what else?
  • If I were singing with this group, I’d definitely be feeling ….
  • What do you think they are thinking about? Remembering words? Wondering if their shirts are tucked in?  Do you think that, when you are singing, your body is more about feelings than thoughts?
  • They all worked hard to sing together in one voice. Do you think they all feel connected to one another when they sing – like they are a part of something bigger than themselves? Have you ever felt that feeling?
  • How about you? When you heard this song what were you feeling and thinking? Did you feel strong? Hopeful?
  • If a listener was facing some real challenges in their lives, do you think the song might help them?
  • Just think about it – words and music go through the air and make a real difference in the world.
  • Do you have other songs you like to listen to that make you feel better?