Although your little ones are a long way from being able to say onomatopoeia, it’s never too early for them to have some fun with this word category. For a longer list …

  • Sometimes words sound like what they mean.
  • Click, tick tock, quack, zip, knock, hoot, meow, ding dong, hiccup …
  • What sound does a zipper make? When they say the word, act it out and repeat it.
  • What sound does a cat make?
  • Help them see that they can come up with words just because they know the sound. What sound does a glass make when it breaks? When a fork hits the floor? When a horn makes a noise? When a raindrop hits the car?
  • At some point introduce the word, onomatopoeia. Get in the habit of saying onomatopoeia when either of you identify one. Then do a high five.
  • Picture grandparents surprise some day when your child comes out with THAT word.