Move On Down the Road

The point of these discussion ideas is to help your child know that the music we enjoy changes over time – as we change.

  • Do you have a favorite singer? A favorite song? Do your friends like that song too?
  • Way back in 1717, Johann Sebastian Bach was the most popular. He was like a rock star. And people are still playing his music today even though it is 300 years old.
  • One hundred years ago there was more new music. And fifty years ago. And just one year ago.
  • Do you remember your favorite songs when you were just a baby? I do. (Sing it together)
  • Are there songs you really liked last year? Any new favorites?
  • When I was your age I really liked ___. (Sing it.)
  • Today this is my favorite song.
  • Even though I have new favorite songs every year, I still really like to play my old favorites.  They bring me back to happy memories.
  • When we sang some of your old favorites, did they bring back old feelings?
  • Music has a way of connecting to our hearts and bringing old feelings back.