Oh That Home Sprite – is at it Again.

These activities can help keep your young child aware of their home environment. When things remain the same, they can become invisible. When you mix it up they will ‘see’ it again. And see things in a new way. Surprises delight. Have fun being surprised with them – “Oh that mischievous sprite was at it again.”

  • Sure you have a favorite way of stacking towels – or sheets. But try mixing it up. Alternate colors? Stack in blocks? Roll them up? Your child will notice – even if you never mention it.
  • Are the things on your coffee table needing a shuffle?
  • Turn some things upside down.
  • Have a big comfy chair face the wall.
  • Remove a framed picture from the wall – and hang – a child’s sweater – or a hat
  • If you have some fun in their rooms, also do some tricks in yours
  • Instead of throw pillows on the sofa, try some pots and pans.
  • While they are at school, make their beds up the opposite way – with the head where the feet used to be.
  • Turn a mirror around.
  • Set the table with upside-down plates