Marching: Thrill of Moving in Unison

We want our kids to understand and experience the magical power of marching, or moving, or dancing in unison. Science shows how the experience builds a sense of connection and community – a sense of being part of something bigger than yourself. Although your child may not be able to name it, they will certainly feel it.

  • Invite them to march – perhaps initiating it first without them. Music might be the inspiration or it could simply be time to get them to refocus.
  • Start with an energetic march through your home or outside on the sidewalk, high knees and arms, head held high. Salute people as you walk by. Or salute pictures and stuffed animals.
  • Tell observers you are marching to show how proud you are of your school or garden or clean toy room.
  • Turn it into a stomping march. A very small and quiet march. The trick is getting them to adjust and experience the variations and stay aligned. Marching in unison is where the magic happens.
  • Can we march backwards? Can you start and show me how?
  • Try marching to super-fast and super-slow music. How does this feel?
  • Prepare them for how the marching will stop. Perhaps, “ATTENTION!” then “MARCHING HALT!” then four steps in place.  Bring some formality to how it ends, showing respect for the activity.
  • Obviously a favorite is, “The Ants Go Marching One By One.”
  • When they have friends visiting, ask your child if they would like to show their friends how you march together – and invite them to join you.