A Budding Author in Your Midst

This exercise sets your child onto a path of authorship – as worthy creator. The challenge is to keep the activity as fast and light as possible while slipping in a few key concepts.

  • It’s probably better not to start from scratch – initially. Instead, try building on a character in their world already. It might be that you already have a family favorite. (We used a Belly Wanster who loved to sneak up and tickle bellies.) Or you could imagine animating a favorite stuffed animal or toy.
  • Ask what you think that character would do in some different situations – build their sense of a profile.  No need to write anything yet. Help them develop that imaginary world.
  • Is that what you might do in that situation? Do you think the character often has the same feelings you have?
  • At some point, I think this character wants their own book. They think other kids would like to hear their story. Do you want to write a book about ___? I think it would be fun and I will help.
  • Can you tell me what the character looks like (if made up)? Big or small?
  • What do you want the character to do in the story? Get silly? Make someone’s day better? (Still – no writing yet.)
  • Can you tell me the story and I will write it down for you?
  • What kinds of pictures would help? Maybe tomorrow you can draw some pictures and I can put the words under them.
  • Build the book. What do the want the cover to look like? Be sure to list author and illustrator.
  • Invite family members and friends to ask about the book and ask your child to read the story to them. A little magic will happen for your little author.