Letter Scavenger Hunt

This activity can build your child’s awareness of letter sounds in their real life.

  • Tell your child it’s time for a letter treasure hunt – and we begin with the letter “R”
  • Let’s see if we can find 3 things in this room that begin with the letter “R.”
  • Move around with them, saying “hmmmm” or “RRRRR”.
  • If they seem to be struggling, pick out different articles and name them. “Do you hear an “R” in that word?”
  • Eventually ask them to pick out items – say their name – and then decide.
  • Soon they will be able to move about on their own.
  • “I’m wondering, does Teddy Bear start with an R?  What if it DID start with an R? Would it be Ready Bear.”
  • You can increase the difficulty level by setting a timer or raising the number of examples.
  • Give them a turn to name a starting letter that YOU have to find.
  • This is a great game for car rides, too.