Let’s Go On a Dancing Trip!

The purpose of this activity is simply to get your children moving and dancing and enjoying themselves. They will feel proud when they can move into the next dance even before they see you doing it. And, obviously you will both feel the joy of doing the dances together.

The fun of this game is restarting and repeating each dance move before they discover the next one. Think of “A Partridge in a Pear Tree” – for your feet (and the rest of your body too!) Make up your own stories and dances. The examples listed are meant to give you a sense of what a dancing trip can be.

  • Lead the children on an imaginary journey. Start MARCHING. We’re going on a dancing trip. As you march, talk about some of the things you see. You see clouds, and oak trees aaaaaand pigs crossing the road doing BALLET!
  • When you say ballet, do a fancy pirouette or plie.
  • Then begin again, marching, seeing clouds, oak trees and pigs doing ballet (you do your ballet moves), then start pointing out other things you see – a hot dog stand, a school aaaaand bears skating in a SKATING Rink.
  • You both skate for about 10 seconds, then begin again each time doing the dances mentioned.
  • Going on a marching trip … ballet … skating … and now describe what you see. There are cows and kids on bikes and BUNNIES. Do your best bunny hop for a bit, then begin again.
  • Marching, ballet, skating, bunny hop and now you see …. dogs barking, a squirrel in a tree aaaaand – Grandpa doing a HULA dance.
  • Then begin again – you get the picture.
  • Once they get the hang of it, ask what they see.
  • You can end it by seeing a plane to take you home – out of dancing land.