Label Stories

The big lesson? Helping your young child learn that written words represent things. These symbols help a child think about items not actually in front of them.

  • Use index cards to represent objects in your home. Put the word, “chair” on a chair. Or the words “kitchen chair” or “Mommy’s favorite chair” when they are ready for more complexity.
  • Gather a few cards, sit in a comfortable spot, and make up stories using the cards. Have the “dog” sit on the “chair”. Or have the “dog” run.
  • Create cards naming what you are serving for dinner. See if they can match the cards with the food.
  • Ask them what cards they would like to see.
  • Make up some silly cards with mistakes, like a card that says “Mr. Poopy Pants” on their favorite stuffed animal. Have them help you make a correct tag.