I Really Really Promise

Words matter. Have a conversation with your child about oaths and promises. “When Presidents are sworn in at their inaugurations, they put their hands on a bible – or other sacred religious documents.”

Sometimes we put our hands on our hearts, or pinky-swear.

Talk about some of the oaths or vows you have taken. Describe the situations – what they meant to you. How they felt. Did things change? Discuss how some promises have very specific rituals to be followed (like joining the military – or getting married – or joining the scouts. And some have very specific words that must be said.

Act out an oath – like the inauguration using the actual scripts. Consider dressing like the Chief Justice. Discuss the consequences for getting the words wrong.

Ask them about promises they have made. How do kids at school show that they really really promise.

Discuss what can or should happen when you need to break a promise.

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