Script: I Am Sorry

The purpose of this discussion is to help your child appreciate the why and how of apologies. Words matter – a lot. Here are a few ways to explore ..

  • Can you think of a time when someone used words that hurt your feelings? What were those words? Why did they hurt?
  • We all make mistakes. I have hurt people’s feelings. I felt so bad and had to learn how to make things better.
  • If we don’t try to correct the mistake – it can make it hard to be friends like we used to be. We think that person was mean or maybe doesn’t like us. We have a special word for making it better. It’s called an apology.
  • Sometimes it seems hard to say I’m sorry because we are embarrassed – or because we didn’t mean to hurt – or we suddenly feel self conscious. So we try to act like everything is normal – hoping they will know we didn’t mean it. But – sooner or later – it is important to talk about it – and make it better.
  • There is a good way to apologize. “I am sorry I said/did that. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I understand why it made you feel bad. And I won’t do it again.”
  • Role play different – less successful – apologies. Introduce a little silliness.
  • Practice really helps.

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